Streamline Auto Care Case Study


Streamline came to us with an already well-designed site but it was lacking in any organic traffic, SEO and content so our team updated and fixed any bugs on the website with SEO featured landing pages, optimization, and a structured advanced SEO strategy, that we have implemented for 5 years, to help them dominate the local market.

Our Proposal

The main focus of the campaign was to improve the content of the website. But we also work on the technical part to fix all the mistakes.

Find below our Gant chart with the main important steps:

  • Analysis – Audit – Technical SEO
  • Opportunities – Market & Keyword Research
  • Content Creation – Onsite SEO
  • Google my Business
  • Review system
  • Link Building 
  • Weekly Reports
streamline case study gantt

Analysis – Audit – Technical SEO

We started with a deep technical SEO audit, as always. Early on in the process, we identified several quick wins that were easy enough to fix and would provide long-term benefits for Streamline’s website performance ranking over time.

Opportunities – Market & Keyword Research

With the goal of optimizing for search, we first had to determine what keywords and phrases our client wanted to rank for. It was important that they were not keyword-search specific but rather broad enough across many local cities and locations in order to get found by people using standard web searches like “map.”

Content Creation – Onsite SEO

It was important to get a good understanding of the customer’s current ranking situation and map out where they need their new content. We reviewed all existing articles, scraped each site for data on its own page as well as in case there were any meta-data or other sources we could use like scanned URLs. We then created master maps that outline what needs living at one end versus another – this will help us when redirecting pages after rebuilding everything from scratch without compromising quality!

Google My Business

A company’s Google My Business profile can be a great way to boost your online presence and establish credibility. It also helps detailing businesses establishing the right standards for success!

We started by auditing the GMB account and making a strategic plan with regular posting of detailing and paint protection related content.

Review System

Reviews are the best way to get a good impression of your business. They help customers make their decision and can’t be replaced by any other form of social proof, such as recommendations from friends or family members who have tried it before!

We build a Review system, scalable, trackable, and automated for our customers.

Link Building – Local Citations

A local citation is any online mention of the name, address and phone number for a business that has its roots in your area. Citations can occur on websites or platforms like Yelp where people post reviews about businesses nearby as well as social media pages with lots of followers from around town. It’s important to have accurate basic information so you rank accurately when searched by Google Maps users!

local citations

THE RESULTS – Reporting & Project Plan

Google My Business – Views on Maps

googles maps

Google My Business – Clicks

google my business click

Google My Business – Views

google my business view

Keyword Groups – Top 10 Position

top 10 position


We monitored all 4 core services pages for this campaign and registered a net increase of 226 keyword positions in Google! A number of high volume keywords have seen their rank improve on the first page, some even entering into that coveted spot at #1 — where visibility grew accordingly with time as more people were searching these terms but unable to find what they’re looking for right away due largely because there are so many other results coming up before yours ever gets shown