Connect with automotive owners in your local area looking for the services you offer.

Grow Your Detailing Business In Your Local Community

Position your detailing, tint, PPF or detailing products and services in front of targeted buyers and generate more quality leads and sales. ​Our team have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on Google ads and we use a proven system to leverage the power of paid advertising, bringing your detailing business fast results.

Appear In The Right Places

At The Right Time

If you are not growing your local marketing, you can be assured the detailer using Ceramic Pro or PremiumShield down the road is. In order to stay ahead of the game, you need to be up to date in your local marketing efforts.

Close More Leads

By targetting the users already searching for your services within your local area, we help to provide your business with higher quality leads – get them on the phone and into your centre, show them your work and close the sale.

Customized Optimized Ad Strategy

Running ads is not new to us, we run ads in Vietnam for 13 detailing businesses, including our own. Ceramic Coatings, PPF, Tint, Training Academy, Product Ecommerce campaigns are nothing new to our team.

Grow Your Shop Sales

Let us focus on driving customers to your detailing centre or mobile detailing business, you focus on providing the best customer service you can and high quality work that speaks for itself.



With Google Local Services Ads, you can reach vehicle owners who are already searching for detailing services – that’s right, these are the hot leads we want to put in front of you, let us optimized your ads and drive more leads to your detailing business.

We Want You At #1

Our aim is to get you to the top of the Goggle seach results for people searching for your main detailing services or car care products.

Trusted Reviews

As a detailing business owner, I know how hard we work to satisfy our customers and provide them with a great service, we help you grow your online reviews to help local car owners choose you.

ACCURATE Reporting

We have a customized dashboard for our clients, allowing you to see how your Google Ads is working and grows, accessible by you anytime.

Own Your Traffic

Our aim is to provide you with traffic that you own, not traffic that belongs to FB, Youtube etc. With an optimized GMB you will always be first priority.


Promote Your Services

Unlike many people offering marketing services in the detailing industry, here at Detailers Movement we are detailers and detail franchise owners with years of experience not only in marketing but also business growth, scaling and automation. You need a team behind your marketing – make sure that you choose the right marketing company or you will set your business back!

What Are Google Ads?

Target Customers For Your Services!

Google Ads (Used to be Google AdWords) is Google’s advertising solution and program for businesses to advertise on its many products and wider search network. Through the ad platform, you can advertise your detailing services to the two largest search engines: Google and YouTube. 

In Search Ads, our aim to place your ad for Ceramic Coatings, PPF, Tint etc at the highest search result positions as possible while serving users’ search intent as closely as possible. 

Suitable for:


Window Tinters

Ceramic Coating Installers

PPF Installers

Product Manufactuers

Detailing Trainers

…and more!


All of our Google Ad plans must be signed for a minimum of 3 months, they are billed every month.


$380/month for 3-months mininum, billed monthly

Setup Fee: $99 [1]

Includes Customized And Tested Landing Page Template For Ads and Lead Form.

*Up to $499 Ad Spend [2]

1 month = $380 + ad spend [3]


$480/month for 3-months mininum, billed monthly

Setup Fee: $99 [1]

Includes Customized And Tested Landing Page Template For Ads and Lead Form.

*$500 – $999 Ad Spend [2]

1 month = $480 + ad spend [3]


$580/month for 3-months mininum, billed monthly

Setup Fee: from $99 [1]

Includes Customized And Tested Landing Page Template For Ads and Lead Form.

*$1000 – $5000 Ad Spend [2]

1 month = $580 + ad spend [3]

  1. Setup fee amount is based off a minimum commitment of 3 consecutive months and is only charged 1 time.
  2. Plans do not include monthly ad spend. You will be responsible for all ad spend costs and will be billed directly on the Google Ads platform.
  3. First month will be billed the plan’s setup fee plus first month’s monthly management fee.

Let us help you grow your detailing business locally

If you already are running Google Ads, we can perform a free audit of their data and analytics. Allowing you to see what is needed to beat your competitors in the detailing industry.

Listing Evaluation

SEO and Keyword Review

Ad Optimization

Ad Metrics Reporting