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This Is An All-In-One Solution To Drive Your Detailing Business Using AI Technology!

OrbisX is the perfect tool for any shop owner that needs to manage their business on a day-to-day basis. This software was designed with detailing shops in mind and offers a variety of features, such as inventory management, customer relationship building tools, and an easy way to track your sales data. OrbisX also takes care of erasing all unneeded tasks like monitoring inventory levels or doing daily accounting so you can focus more time on growing your business!

Easily Manage Appointments

Complete your bookings in seconds, rather than minutes. You’ll see an up-to-date snapshot of how many customers you have booked and revenue records.

Automate Customer Reminders

You will never have to worry about your customer lack of awareness again. Send reminders, invoices and even ask for Google reviews within Orbisx Software!

Accurate Data Reporting

Analyze your business data with ease by following the daily or weekly reporting system, allowing you to have clear picture of where you need to improve.

Grow Your Auto Business With A.I Powered Software!

Detailing Centres

Window Tinting Businesses

Windshield Replacement Shops

PPF & Vinyl Wrap Businesses

Ceramic Coating Installers

Mobile Detailers

Mobile Tinters

Mobile Windshield Techs

Streamline Your Important Business Tasks

Professional Job Estimates, Invoices and CRM

OrbisX has all the resources you will ever need to create professional-looking estimates and invoices, manage customers and vehicles, or find key information related to your business instantly.

Improve Your Workflow

Streamline your workflow so you can stay on top of all the jobs with customer tracking, no-show records, and inventory reminders. Stay in touch via SMS notifications and utilize powerful marketing tools.

Accurate Scheduling Tools

Using OrbisX to manage bookings, you can be sure that your appointments and tasks are always on your calendar. Add notes about each service for a more detailed history of customers or other services performed.

Effectively Communicate With Your Clients

SMS Texting, Emailing and Chat

You never have to worry about missing the next appointment or forgetting to send an invoice ever again when you use OrbisX’s SMS Texting, Emailing and Chat service.

Automate Your Customer Communication

OrbisX offers time-saving features that will remind your customers of upcoming appointments and bookings. This ensures nobody wastes any precious minutes! Within the OrbisX platform, you can automate various communication tasks, such as confirming customer’s bookings or sending reminders about their next appointment.


Get real-time notifications from your customers so that you know exactly what is happening with each job, when they accept invoices or make payments, its all shown on your OrbisX app.

Receive Your Payments Via The App

Integrated Payment Solutions

OrbisX allows you to collect payment from your customers anytime, anywhere. This means that no matter what part of the world they are in, all payments will automatically be recorded within your CRM system online!

Reminders For Customers

OrbisX is a great way to stay on top of your unpaid invoices. You get reminders when customers are overdue so you can take care of them before it’s too late!

Beautiful Estimates and Invoices

OrbisX makes sending professional looking invoices and estimates to customers simple. Not only does this help your business stand out, but it brings in more revenue as well.

Team Management Software

Time and Attendance

Whether you have a few employees or hundreds, you can benefit from time-saving automation, payroll integration and real-time reporting.

Restrict User Permissions

You can allocate each user a specific level of access, meaning if you don’t want certain staff members to access private data, they can only see what you allow!

Improve Team Efficiency

Whilst we don’t want to be spying on our staff, by monitoring their working hours, time per job, it can help to make both your business and your team member much more efficient.

OrbisX is the new easy way to manage your auto business. With OrbisX, you can book unlimited customers and handle all of their needs from estimates to payments online! You’ll also be able to automate every aspect of customer service so everything runs smoothly with no worry about mistakes or forgetting anything important thanks to their in-built features like automated Google reviews – it’s never been easier than this before.

OrbisX is Next Generation Software Designed By Detailers For Detailers

Detailing Centres

Tinting Businesses

Windshield Replacement Centres

PPF Installers

Vinyl Wrap Installers

Ceramic Coating Companies

Mobile Detailers

Mobile Tinters

Mobile Windshield Technicians

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Detailed Calendar

Now you can see all of your bookings in one place with the full-feature calendar. Quickly track how many appointments and hours for the day, month, every week if that is what works best for you! You’ll be able to quickly assess whether or not today’s session was a good return on investment and make adjustments as needed so tomorrow will yield better results.

Click on a day for information about the jobs that are scheduled to be complete or in progress.

Simple Invoices

Quickly create and send invoices with auto-complete for your services, products, customers. Download PDFs or accept payments online or offline to make it easier on yourself! Invoices, commission payments for staff and designing gift certificates are now simple tasks!

Professional Estimates

You can send estimates to customers that look professional and help you close more deals. Customers can accept sign online, ask questions right on the estimate, and even request changes before approving them—making for a seamless workflow from start to finish with expiry dates too!

Online & Offline Payments

Mark invoices paid with manual payments (offline) and connect to Stripe for online payments via credit card.

Accept cash, check, credit card and e-transfers, all from one platform.

Online payments with Stripe automatically record transaction costs in your expenses to save you time!

Simple, Intuitive Reporting

Crunch your numbers with our easy and convenient reports. No more math headaches, we’ll provide you daily + weekly summaries for important statistics like no-shows, new customers and dollars booked. You can also see where your customer is coming from to better make decisions on advertising!

Professional Expense Organisation

With OrbisX, you’ll never have to worry about those shoeboxes of receipts again. The app makes it easy for users to log expenses and track every dollar spent so they’re always ready when tax time comes around.

With automatic checks in place that ensure accuracy as well as compliance with financial regulations, plus the ability for people who use this software to export their data into Excel files which can then be imported by an accountant using QuickBooks.

Track Your Staff’s Productivity

Focus on your work and not the clock. Put a tablet on the wall and staff can clock in/out for work as well as breaks.

Mark vacation days, sick days and see at a glance how many hours, sick days and vacation days each staff member has logged. Easily generate reports to calculate payroll – without the headaches and paperwork.

Automation Saves You Time!

We’ve got your back! You can stop bothering with the tedious tasks that bog you down and focus on what really matters. We’ll remind you to do reports, send reminders for appointments and even handle overdue payment requests without missing a beat. Automate all of those monotonous tasks so when it’s time to get creative again you have more than enough time in your day left over

Everything You Need & More

We built this software for one of our own shops. We noticed that every shop offering detailing, tinting, ppf & wrap installation and even windshield replacements could benefit too.

Too many features to list – everything from the ability to sell online customizable gift certificates, a full warranty system with online activation and claim submissions, loyalty cards, and a POS system.

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