Brand Identity

Your brand identity is what sets you apart from your competitors.

We All Know That First Impressions Count

In the Automotive world, first impressions are EVERYTHING.

Why do we need visual branding for our detailing business? In today’s crowded auto industry, it is difficult to make your company stand out. When you have a product or service that people can’t see the results of before they buy it, how will they know if the marketing content was accurate or not? Then there are companies where their products and services aren’t recognizable at all by its name but because of strong brand identity and logos. Visuals stick in human brains almost 60k times faster than text!

Logo Design Services
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Your logo is everywhere your company goes. You see it on invoices, websites, emails and more! This design needs to embody everything you stand for in a single image; that’s where we come into play. At the end of the day our goal is to make sure people remember YOUR LOGO and brand!

Our logos are designed by Hayley Works, an experienced graphic designer, who has already established his quality, skills and high level of customer service in the detailing industry!

Brochure Design Services

At a single glance, your customers should be able to see why they need you. Our team will help create an unforgettable brand experience with custom brochures, banners and logos that place your business above the competition in no time!

Stationery Design Services

Why should detailing businesses invest in professional stationery design? Because it provides a unique opportunity to present your company’s branding and messaging. Physical objects with your logo leave an impression that digital media can’t match, which is why smart companies have been investing for generations!

Our stationery design services include :


Business cards


Flyer layouts

Bill stuffers


Our designs are carefully crafted to achieve four important goals:

Attract the Eyes of New, Existing, and Potential Customers

Get Noticed by the Right People in the Right Place at the Right Time

Create a Fresh Brand Identity That Cuts through the Noise

Seamlessly Scale across All Appropriate Marketing Channels

What Do You Get?

Immensely personalized design services

A dedicated creative designer

Access to a vast selection of royalty-free images.

Highly original design executions

Final execution in a lightweight digital file via PDF format.

Multiple revisions until you get what you need

Dedicated Designer

Logos by Hayley Works

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