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Why Choose Us For Your Detailing Marketing? 

At Detailers Movement, we offer you the advantage of experience – we started as detailers in 2015. Our team has the experience of successfully scaling our own 15 detailing centres, distributing IGL Coatings and PremiumShield PPF, training over 300 students in a dedicated Detailing Academy, developing and manufacturing our own car care products, microfibre towels and tools. We are not a one man band, we are a fully structured team of experts in SEO, Local Business, Ad Management, Social Media, Content Writing, Web Development and Business Growth and Sales.


We Believe That Quality Of Service Matters.

We have attained top rankings in SEO for Ceramic Coatings, PPF, Window Tinting and more.  Our International team has 6 years experience writing detailing content, running ads for Detailing Services, Ceramic Coatings, PPF and more – we understand the processes for branding and scaling detailing businesses, because we have successful done it. We have already mastered the systems and software and have a full in-house marketing team with leaders from UK, USA, Australia, France and Vietnam.


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We Have The Experience To Drive You Forward.

Our team Joey Love and Ed Bews have been in the detailing business for years. Jake Luong is our marketing guru, with years of SEO, FB and Google Ads experience and brand development. Our team have a wealth of business experience and in depth detailing, product development and marketing knowledge between their teams. We are here to support your auto business in its development to help you scale and grow as a business owner.

Detailing Support
We want to see you grow as individuals and we are here to answer any questions you may have, if its Detailing Related head over to Detailing For Money Facebook Page.

Business Support
On our Detailers Movement Facebook Group, we often have live Q+A sessions addressing various pain points detailing business owners suffer, we are here to work as a community.

We have worked with many big brands for Ceramic Coatings in our detailing history, including Ceramic Pro, IGL Coatings, Gyeon to name a few. Our marketing team have run marketing campaigns and written SEO optimized articles for Ceramic Coatings since 2015. We have spent over $200,000 running FB and Google Ads for Ceramic Coating and PPF services!

Ceramic Coating Support
If you have any questions, problems and need support with your ceramic coating install, reach out on Detailing For Money FB Group.

Ceramic Coating Marketing Support
Follow our Social Media Tips on how to get more Ceramic Coating customers and promote coatings for your detailing business on our Detailers Movement FB Group.

PPF,  Window Tinting and Wrapping are the high ticket items detailers need to learn in order to really scale up their business profile and revenue! We have installed and distributed films such as PremiumShield, Ceramic Pro, 3M, Llumar, Iristek, TeckWrap, Stek and Xpel. We have a great deal of experience with Paint Protection Film, Wrapping and Window Tinting, working with the best partners around the world. We have installed full PPF, Custom Wraps and Tint in over 200 vehicles over the last 6 years and have made and learnt from many mistakes! 

Film Installation Support
If you have any questions, problems and need support with your PPF, Wrap or Tinting install, reach out below.

Film Marketing Support
Follow our Social Media Tips on how to get more PPF, Window Tinting or Wrapping customers and promote coatings for your detailing business join our FB group below.

In 2016 we launched our own brand of chemicals and microfibre towels and we have formulated and manufactured 20 car care chemicals and 12 detailing towels via our partners 360 Trade and Catchers VietnamLet our Team help you grow your detailing product range and to develop your online brand image and develop your sales funnels. 

Product Support and Advice
If you have any questions, problems and need support with any product issues or suggestions reach out below.

E-Commerce Solutions For Detailing Products
Our team have years of experience in E-Commerce strategies, online branding and can help you grow your detailing product brand, devleloping your online sales channels. 

Meet Our Team

Graphic Team
SEO and Content
Social Media & Content Team
Web Design Team



Joey has been an industry influencer for many years with a vision to help people grow. A passionate Ceramic Pro Certified Detailer, Joey is admin of many established detailing groups on FB. Joey loves to help people, especially new detailers seeking advice on how to grow and scale their business.




Thanks to his solid SEO and Marketing background from France, Jake is the Heart of the team. This methodical fella supervises the strategies’ performance and ensures everybody is fully committed to giving the best results. Jake has over 15 years’ experience in SEO & Marketing Campaigns, with 10+ years of Facebook/Google Ad Management.

shawn gervais founder of orbisx

Shawn Gervais


Shawn is the founder & CEO of OrbisX, the #1 CRM software with artificial intelligence for detailers. He is a successful entrepreneur who has built successful companies and has a mind for developing systems and processes that streamline, improve efficiency and solve problems for businesses.  Shawn is the author of the Detailing Master Class business book helping entrepreneurs setup, manage and grow their business. 




Hanni nurtures every aspect of digital marketing from planning to implementation. Her teammates are her friends and every project is an opportunity to adapt, to improve and to grow. Hanni has been working with us for some time, she is experienced in Content Planning for Detailing, IGL Ceramic Coatings, PremiumShield PPF and detailing products.




Phuong is hard-working, goal-oriented, and reliable. He’s been designing detailing related creatives since 2018, crafting eye catching designs to promote IGL Coatings, PremiumShield PPF, Window Tinting graphics for the automotive field. He is always sensitive to the branding and visual trends, he is a real asset leading the design team, whether it be flyers, web banners, ad designs or web content, his work always impresses!

orbisx agent orbis x

Aaron Latman

OrbisX Agent

lam cao web developer of detailers movement

Lam Cao


My professional experience includes web developer, full-stack engineer, a master at PHP & NodeJS stack, and more to create various features for websites and bring the stakeholder project ideas and vision to life.

hellen tran content writter of detailersmovement



Hi, I'm Helen. I'm a dreamer but my working style is very realistic. That's why I fell in love with the field of Marketing 6 years ago. I like to write down my experiences and thoughts and that makes me more confident in writing and content work, i love to research and write about the automotive field!

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